PDF Advances in Growth Hormone and Growth Factor Research

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Kaulsay, K. Autocrine stimulation of human mammary carcinoma cell proliferation by human growth hormone.

Growth Hormone Case Study

Cell Res. Pandey, V. Autocrine human growth hormone stimulates oncogenicity of endometrial carcinoma cells. Endocrinology , — Mukhina, S. Phenotypic conversion of human mammary carcinoma cells by autocrine human growth hormone. Natl Acad. Oncogenic transformation of human mammary epithelial cells by autocrine human growth hormone.

Cancer Res. Ogawa, Y. Acta Neurochir. Wang, J. Autocrine hGH stimulates oncogenicity, epithelial—mesenchymal transition and cancer stem cell-like behavior in human colorectal carcinoma. Oncotarget 8 , — Basu, R. Targeting growth hormone receptor in human melanoma cells attenuates tumor progression and epithelial mesenchymal transition via suppression of multiple oncogenic pathways.

Brunet-Dunand, S.

Clinical Advances in Pediatric Endocrinology: Focus on: Growth Hormone Deficiency

Autocrine human growth hormone promotes tumor angiogenesis in mammary carcinoma. Banziger-Tobler, N. Growth hormone promotes lymphangiogenesis. Chen, Y. Role of the growth hormone—IGF-1 axis in cancer. Expert Rev. Brittain, A. Growth hormone and the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition. Chesnokova, V. Growth hormone is permissive for neoplastic colon growth. Gonzalez, L. Recouvreux, M. Androgen receptor regulation of local growth hormone in prostate cancer cells.

Wagner, K. Breast Cancer Res. Le Marchand, L. Association of a common polymorphism in the human GH1 gene with colorectal neoplasia. Cancer Inst. Shi, J. GH1 TA polymorphism and cancer risk: a meta-analysis of case—control studies. Tumor Biol.

Clinical Advances in Pediatric Endocrinology: Focus on: Growth Hormone Deficiency

Oncogene 37 , — Divisova, J. The growth hormone receptor antagonist pegvisomant blocks both mammary gland development and MCF-7 breast cancer xenograft growth. Dagnaes-Hansen, F. Growth hormone receptor antagonist administration inhibits growth of human colorectal carcinoma in nude mice. Anticancer Res. McCutcheon, I. Antitumor activity of the growth hormone receptor antagonist pegvisomant against human meningiomas in nude mice. Friend, K. Cancer and the potential place for growth hormone receptor antagonist therapy. Suppl A , — Growth hormone receptor knockdown sensitizes human melanoma cells to chemotherapy by attenuating expression of ABC drug efflux pumps.

Cancer 8 , — Evans, A. Growth hormone receptor antagonism suppresses tumour regrowth after radiotherapy in an endometrial cancer xenograft model. Cancer Lett. Minoia, M. Growth hormone receptor blockade inhibits growth hormone-induced chemoresistance by restoring cytotoxic-induced apoptosis in breast cancer cells independently of estrogen receptor expression. Bougen, N. Autocrine human GH promotes radioresistance in mammary and endometrial carcinoma cells. Cancer 19 , — Harrington, K. Guidelines for preclinical and early phase clinical assessment of novel radiosensitisers.

Cancer , — Lawrence, Y. Sharma, R. Clinical development of new drug-radiotherapy combinations. Hannon, T. Longitudinal study of physiologic insulin resistance and metabolic changes of puberty.

Human conditions of insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) deficiency

Nellemann, B. Growth hormone-induced insulin resistance in human subjects involves reduced pyruvate dehydrogenase activity. Acta Physiol. GH receptor deficiency in Ecuadorian adults is associated with obesity and enhanced insulin sensitivity. Boparai, R. Glucose homeostasis and insulin sensitivity in growth hormone-transgenic mice: a cross-sectional analysis.

Summary of Recommendations

Strage, E. Relationship among insulin resistance, growth hormone, and insulin-like growth factor I concentrations in diestrous Swedish Elkhounds. Lee, A.

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Growth hormone receptor antagonism with pegvisomant in insulin resistant non-diabetic men: a phase II pilot study. FResearch 6 , Growth hormone and ocular dysfunction: endocrine, paracrine or autocrine etiologies? Mukhi, D. Novel actions of growth hormone in podocytes: Implications for diabetic nephropathy.

Kamenicky, P. Growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor-1, and the kidney: pathophysiological and clinical implications. Holly, J. The role of growth hormone in diabetes mellitus. Pasupulati, A. Growth hormone and chronic kidney disease.