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Read more on 4-person backpacking tents to help you decide what options are good for your family. LilleBaby Retractable Mirror — This mirror allows you to check in on your little one while continuing to hike using a retractable cord and a carabiner,which you can fasten to your shoulder strap. The tether hooks any toy, cup or bottle onto your carrier, no matter the size. Needless to say, this was not a task for the faint of heart. The tether passed with flying colors. It comes in a gigantic roll you can partition for your hikes by wrapping it around a hiking pole, lighter or placing it on the backing paper of labeling stickers.

If you were entertaining the idea of a backpacking trip with your baby in the future, we hope you found this information helpful! Feel free to ask any questions about our gear list or share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Hey hikers! I'm an avid backpacker and weekend warrior who is always looking for an excuse to use all the "stuff" in my garage. I have 2 big hiking goals I hope to accomplish in my lifetime: 1 Completing all sections of the Pacific Crest Trail I've walked miles of it so far and 2 Retracing my steps on the John Muir Trail with my son.

When I'm not playing "dad," working, or hiking, I'm spending my 15 minutes of free time a week cooking, tasting new local beers, writing, and listening to podcasts on new and unusual topics, ALL AT ONCE! Read More by Joe. You must be logged in to post a comment. August 26, Rebecca Hosley Trail Tips.

The closing of another summer season can bring both excitement for a new school year and disappointment that the long […]. These will be much more expensive though as they are almost always made of premium materials. I have actually invested in two tripods — a Manfrotto BeFree and Gorillapod 4K — and alternate between the two depending on the shoot. As previously mentioned, material will play an important part in weight and price as well as overall durability. To put it simply: more expensive materials will be lighter, stronger, and more expensive while cheaper ones will be heavier, weaker, and less expensive.

Aluminum is the most common alloy used in the construction of tripods. It is a cheap, ubiquitous material that handles the elements well. Most of the best budget travel tripods will be made of aluminum.


Carbon fiber is a stronger composite that is lighter and stronger than aluminum. It is a very reliable material that is used to manufacture all sorts of products that require the utmost durability like cars, safety vests, and even spaceships. Because it is hard to produce though, carbon fiber is markedly more expensive than aluminum.

Unless you are very adamant about cutting weight and are willing to pay the price, aluminum is a perfectly fine material.

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A sturdy tripod is mandatory in this situation. Certain travel tripods can hold certain amounts of weight depending on their size, build, and overall quality. Lighter tripods may be less able to hold heavier weights but, then again, heavier tripods will be a burden on your back. It is important to have a travel tripod that can properly hold your camera as it will ensure maximum image quality. A tripod that is struggling under the weight of a heavy camera will start to shake and sharpness will be affected.

The tripod may even fall over, in which case you have a serious problem — fallen tripods can mean broken cameras. Most travel tripods can handle a standard DSLR.

How to Pack a Backpack -- REI

Only in extreme situations do you need to worry about load capacity i. In these cases, it would be wise to a travel tripod that is rated to carry more. Trying handheld shooting with one of these mammoth lenses. Tripod technology really has come a long way. How shocked was I when I bought a modern travel tripod and found out that it could do things like fold up and even be turned upside for extremely low perspective shots! A good modern tripod will be malleable and have the ability to be set up in numerous configurations.

Backpacker's Start-Up: A Beginner’s Guide to Hiking and Backpacking by Doug Werner

Thanks to a system of adjustable legs and flexible hinges, travel tripod can do just this. A tripod must be easy to use as well.

All of those tricky motions and creative setups will mean nothing if it takes too long to get ready. Thankfully, most travel tripods do not suffer from such shortcomings. Only in special circumstances can a tripod be forgiven for being unwieldy. Another important point: a tripod needs to be able to packed down to fit in your bag. Thankfully most camera bags have special loop that can accommodate most tripods.

Check out our guide on the best camera bags for good examples! Being able to set-up and break down a tripod quickly is crucial especially in busy urban areas. Finding the best tripod head is just as important as finding a great travel tripod.

The ultimate guide to backpacking Southeast Asia

A tripod head will enable even more customizable compositions and contribute to aspects such as weight, ergonomics, and load capacity. A good tripod head will have a full degree range of motion. Most modern-day ball heads allow for this. Ball heads will be free floating until locked into place by several clamps. Clamps come in the form of nobs or larger winged screws. Some photographers will prefer one of the other but I find this distinction to be negligible. Other signs of a good travel tripod head will be features like a quick release plate, panoramic markings, and bubble leveler.

Quick release places allow for optimal mounting of a camera and I always prefer having one. Panoramic marking will help guide you and maintain even composition while making panoramas. Finally, a bubble leveler will help make sure that an image is level to the ground. Legs play an important part in tripod stability. Generally speaking, the more sections that a tripod leg has, the lesser the sturdiness.

Try to find a tripod with as few leg sections as possible — around Should you find that the legs are often shaking — for whatever reason — try investing in a stone bag , which will weigh down the tripod and limit shakiness. The length of a tripod leg can be adjusted via a series of locking mechanisms. Most of these mechanisms come in two styles: screw and flip locks. Screws locks require a twisting motion to adjust while flip locks require, as the name implies, a flipping action.

In terms of usability, the difference between screw locks and flip locks is a matter of preference; some photographers find twisting to be a natural motion while others prefer flipping. There a couple of disadvantages to take into consideration when choosing between locks. Flip locks will loosen over time and so will require periodic tightening. Twist locks will need to be used appropriately; if you twist the leg too loose, it may fall apart. A tripod set with a wide base for low angle compositions and for maximum stability.

Photo: Mliu92 wikicommons. In the end, cash rules everything around us. How much are you willing to spend on a tripod? Though the prices can seem unreasonable at times, tripods are well worth the investment. As such, you must think wisely about what kind of tripod you buy for your travels.

Each travel tripod will appeal to a certain type of photographer. Mirrorless shooters who want something portable and inexpensive may want to invest in a Manfrotto BeFree. Perhaps you want something a little more suitable for a DSLR? There really is a travel tripod for everyone out there. Figure out your needs and choose a travel tripod accordingly. Study it well and then waste no time in finding the best tripod for your travel needs! This is the beginning of your illustrious photographic adventures.

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