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Bush administration after that. President Ferdinand Marcos desperately needed a patina of legitimacy: The assassination of the chief opposition leader, Benigno Aquino Jr. In the American political lexicon, Chicago-style elections were generally synonymous with mass voter fraud.

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The firm had assiduously prepared him for the mission, sending him monthly reports on the political climate in Washington. But by then he had hired an effective Washington lobbying firm. Words like freedom and liberty flowed through their everyday musings. But Manafort seldom spoke of first principles or political ideals. He descends from a different kind of political lineage, and in his formative experience one can see the makings of his worldview. It housed the factory that turned out Stanley tools and was a tangle of ethnic enclaves—Poles, Italians, Irish, Ukrainians.

In , not long after the Manaforts emigrated from Naples, the family founded a demolition company, New Britain House Wrecking, which eventually became Manafort Brothers, a force in local construction. But he had the schmoozing gene, as well as an unmistakable fierceness. He would stick his hand out and buy a round of drinks. He knew almost everybody in town. All the partners in his firm came to know his father, running into him at parties that P. But in , he was charged with perjury for testimony that he had provided in a municipal corruption investigation.

The Hidden Costs of P.E.

In his findings, he pointed a finger straight at Manafort Sr. A statute of limitations precluded prosecutors from filing charges against Manafort for the alleged crime of test-fixing—and ultimately he was never convicted of perjury. His family business had then inflated the fees for its work on the arena so that cash could be kicked back to the Teamsters. The business admitted to inflating its fees, but a grand jury declined to issue an indictment. Conventional wisdom suggests that the temptations of Washington, D. But what if that formulation gets the causation backwards?

What if it took an outsider to debase the capital and create the so-called swamp? When Paul Manafort Jr. By the late s, Manafort had a new friend from abroad, whom he mentioned to his partners more than any other, an arms dealer from Lebanon named Abdul Rahman Al Assir. While Al Assir never rated much attention in the American press, he had a familial connection who did. He was, for a time, the brother-in-law of the Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, the middleman used in the arms-for-hostages scheme that became the Iran-Contra scandal.

Manafort suggested to his partners that Al Assir might help connect the firm to clients around the world. But none of these relationships imprinted themselves more deeply than his friendship and entrepreneurial partnership with Al Assir. One of the more noteworthy was an arms sale they helped broker between France and Pakistan, lubricated by bribes and kickbacks involving high-level officials in both countries, that eventually led to murder allegations. Bhutto had just returned to power after three years in the opposition, and Manafort badly wanted her business.

She knew of him as a skilled manipulator of public opinion, and throughout the meal, Manafort displayed his most strategic, most charming self. One former Pakistani official who attended the dinner told me that Bhutto came away determined to make use of his services. She suggested that Manafort work with the Pakistani intelligence service. Spooks in Islamabad had observed the international rush to hire Washington lobbyists, and they had been clamoring for one of their own. At about that same time, Pakistan was looking to upgrade its submarine fleet, and European arms contractors raced to hawk their wares.

An ensuing scandal that is still unfolding, some 20 years later, would entangle both Al Assir and Manafort. Al Assir seems to have been a key conduit of the kickbacks.

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Years later, in , a car bomb went off in Karachi, killing 11 French naval engineers in transit to the shipyard where the submarines were being assembled, along with three Pakistanis. Manafort was not a central figure in this scandal, and was never charged with any wrongdoing.

Al Assir could not be reached for comment on this story. Manafort and Al Assir were more than business partners. Manafort took Al Assir as his guest to George H.

When Al Assir and his second wife had a child, Manafort became the godfather. Their families vacationed together near Cannes. Al Assir introduced Manafort to an aristocratic world that exceeded anything he had ever known. He discovered the south of France. Al Assir would show him how to live that life.

Colleagues at Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly noticed changes that accompanied the flowering of the friendship. Suddenly he started wearing unconventional shirts and suede loafers without socks. But now he frequently flew off to France or Spain, collaborating with Al Assir on projects that remained a mystery to his subordinates, and even to his partners. When Andrea expressed an interest in horseback riding, Manafort bought a farm near Palm Beach, then stocked it with specially bred horses imported from Ireland, which required a full-time staff to tend.

One deal brokered by Al Assir helped crash a private bank in Lisbon. In , he and Manafort persuaded the bank to invest 57 million euros in a Puerto Rican biometrics company. Still, Vogel found a raft of circumstantial evidence that suggested the plausibility of the tale. I can get them access to Reagan. After the election of George H. Bush, Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly agreed to help organize the inauguration festivities.

The firm commissioned a company from Rhode Island to sell memorabilia on the parade route—T-shirts, buttons, and the like. After crews had taken down the reviewing stand and swept up the debris, the alumnus recalled, a vendor showed up in the office with a bag full of cash. To the disbelief of his colleague, Manafort had arranged to take his own cut. But this was classic: Somebody else does the work, and he walks away with the bag of cash. His Hamptons estate came with a putting green, a basketball court, a pool, and gardens. His unrestrained spending and pile of debt required a perpetual search for bigger paydays and riskier ventures.

In , Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly was purchased by the mega public-affairs firm Burson-Marsteller, the second-largest agency in the world. It was a moment of consolidation in the industry, where the biggest players came to understand how much money could be made from the model that Manafort had created. In , Manafort left Burson. Taking a handful of colleagues with him, he started a new firm—Davis, Manafort and Freedman—and a new chapter, one that would see him enter the sphere of the Kremlin. In the new century, post-Soviet oligarchs climbed closer to that position.

His new firm found its way to a fresh set of titans, with the help of an heir to an ancient fortune. Throughout his young career, Nat had fascinated the London press with his love interests, his residences, and his shrewd investments. Russian oligarchs were drawn to Rothschild, whose name connoted power—and he to them. Rothschild invested heavily in post-communist economies and became a primary adviser and a friend to the young Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska. Like a pair of old imperialists, they imagined new, sympathetic governments across eastern Europe that would accommodate and protect their investments.

Their project required the type of expertise that Manafort had spent years accumulating.

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He denied involvement. He was always looking to curry favor with the Russian state. In fact, the Kremlin came to consider Deripaska an essential proxy. When the United States denied Deripaska a visa, the Russians handed him a diplomatic passport, which permitted him to make his way to Washington and New York. Manafort understood how highly Deripaska valued his symbiotic relationship with the Kremlin. President George W. The grandiloquent American rhetoric posed an existential threat to entrenched rulers of the region who were friendly to Russia, and who had become rich by plundering state resources.

Suddenly, the threat of democratic revolution no longer felt theoretical. They sent Manafort to Kiev to understand how they might minimize the dangers. When Manafort arrived, the candidate of this clique, Viktor Yanukovych, was facing allegations that he had tried to rig the presidential election with fraud and intimidation, and possibly by poisoning his opponent with dioxin.

He lost the election anyway, despite having imported a slew of consultants from Moscow. By the time Manafort first entertained the possibility of working with Yanukovych, the defeated candidate had just returned to Kiev following a brief self-imposed exile at a Czech resort. They met at an old movie palace that had been converted into the headquarters for his political organization, the Party of Regions.

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When Manafort entered the grandiose building, the place was a mausoleum and Yanukovych a pariah. Manafort groomed Yanukovych to resemble, well, himself. So they are big, tall men. He got Yanukovych to wear the same suits as he did and to comb the hair backwards as he does. He did it very elegantly.

How does context affect self-governance? Examining Ostrom’s design principles in China

These were not the most-sophisticated techniques, but they had never been deployed in Ukraine. Yanukovych was proud of his American turn. After he hired Manafort, he invited U. Manafort often justified his work in Ukraine by arguing that he hoped to guide the country toward Europe and the West.