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Health in Full Bloom. About Health in Full Bloom Grow your own veg Gardening and joint health Low allergen gardening Gardening and heart health Sun exposure when gardening Gardening and digestive health. Contact The Lister Hospital We hope you enjoyed our garden, if you would like a printed copy of the Health in Full Bloom brochure or would like to make appointment to see a specialist please contact us. A warm welcome from Suzy For Health in Full Bloom we focus on the impact being green-fingered can have on our heart, joints and mind, as well as sharing diet, nutritional and overall health and wellbeing tips for you as we move from spring to summer.

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We hope that you find our garden health section fun and informative, and that it encourages you to take an interest in your natural surroundings and visit our garden outside the entrance to The Lister Hospital, as well as take the time to look after your health. Did you know? Thinking of growing your own veggies?

In the last decade, there has been a per cent increase in people following plant-based diets. Growing your own veggies has a number of benefits. Apart from the fresh air and exercise involved in the cultivation and the health benefits of eating your own fresh produce, those who are environmentally friendly will also be aware of the food miles that have been cut by not importing veggies from oversees.

The only thing stopping urban dwellers from getting their hands dirty is the lack of time and space to grow the veggies. However, there are many ways that this can be overcome…. Tips for where and how to grow your own flowers and veggies. Gardening provides a perfect opportunity that combines physical exercise to a pleasurable activity that brings us close to nature. Sun protection when you're in the garden Although we're always hoping for sunny weather, for our gardens and our general health, being outside for prolonged periods in the sun can lead to sunburn.

At this time of year there is a lot of UV light around and whilst our plants might love it, there are some precautions you should take. More about sun exposure in the garden. We've found a recent study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, which looks at the health benefits of incorporating regular physical activity such as gardening as part of your daily routine.

More about heart health in the garden. Low-allergen gardens Gardens can bring about persistent sneezing as well as itchy eyes and nose. However there are small changes you can make to your garden to help reduce your risk. More about creating a low-allergen garden. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body but the soul. Poet Alfred Austin.

Gardening and digestive health What we eat can have an impact on our digestion and digestive health. More about digestive health and gardening. Gardening and your joints and bones Working on a garden, no matter how big or small, is a physical activity and can involve bending and lifting, repetitive movements and pressure on the knees, hands and wrists.

More about gardening and protecting your joints and bones. Gardening and mindfulness Mindfulness is the mental state achieved by focusing awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations. I was very worried that it wouldn't be a nice peace lily. I even recieved a email to let me know it was delivered. Thank you!

My mother loved her arrangement. She said it was gorgeous. Thank you. I sent this arrangement to my brother-in-law who was recently hospitalized. My sister said it was absolutely gorgeous! I also appreciate "In Full Bloom" notifying me that they were expecting a shipment with many more spring flowers, the day after I submitted my order, and asked if I'd like to wait for that shipment.

How very kind! However, I feel very confident that no matter when my order was filled, it would be beautiful! Tracy was able to get this last minute order to the funeral home on time and adapted it beautifully to be more suitable for a viewing. Gorgeous as always! Top quality! Always delivers beautiful arrangement with class and style. Never disappointed. Flowers are always fresh, fragrant and full. Beautiful flowers - Always a good choice.

I ordered these to send to a coworker on behalf of the office as she's recovering from a surgery.

Health in Full Bloom

They were perfect for the occasion to send some brightness her way. I was kind of nervous when I read the disclaimer about substitutions if certain items were out of season or unavailable but I had nothing to worry about. I'm sure that's not always the case, but I would feel comfortable even if they did have to make substitutions. The arrangement was beautiful and you could tell that care went in to making it.

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I will definitely be using In Full Bloom for more orders in the future. You guys are great. Not only did you fulfill my order expediently but you also corrected my mistake in not listing the decedent. The family loved the lantern and they received so many compliments on it.

Contact The Lister Hospital

Again thank you for taking that extra step to insure my order was delivered. Beautiful and different! I didn't see the actual flowers but my mother in law loved them! Se said they were gorgeous! Flowers were beautiful and delivered as requested. Online order was process was fast and easy! The windchime delivered was beautiful and came with a detailed card about remembrance. It exceeded my expectations! Very pretty I ordered these flowers for a funeral but I wasn't sure of the place so I was sending them to a house.

They called me and asked if I wanted it to look like funeral flowers or she could change it up and put the same flowers in a basket so they could keep them at the house or take them to the funeral home and they would look nice. I explained I wasn't sure which funeral home and she thought it might be a certain one that she would look it up and let me know.

So very helpful with everything and the sweetest lady! Nice color range. It was just a bit smaller than I had envisioned from seeing the picture online. I had a great experience with In Full Bloom. They delivered it on time and worked with us about delivery times.

Clint Mansell - In Full Bloom

The flowers were beautiful, and the florist read my notes for the order and used some extra peach colored flowers in the arrangement.