Manual Golf Fitness: Play Better, Play Without Pain, Play Longer, and Enjoy the Game More

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Hopefully, this will result in better play!

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I bought this program today because you have identified specific frustrations that I have been dealing with specifically a lack of fluidity in my swing. Additionally, I believe that your professional background will help me with some issues of pain which I have been experiencing. I am looking forward to testing this program.

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I purchased golf rx so that can regain the flexibility and distance I have lost. I'm 60 years old now and have let myself get into less than desirable shape. Over the years I've had 3 shoulder surgeries and 2 wrist surgeries. I probably should have done more in my rehabilitation process. Due to my job I only get to play once or twice a week. I'm only about 10 lbs overweight but I'm not in real good shape.

I'm just looking for a program that will work for me that will relive some of the aches and pains one accumulates through the years. A program that will help me improve my game and help in everyday life as well. I bought this program today to hopefully increase my mobility and get some speed back in my swing. I am turning 67 and have wanted a program just for golf exercises that would help with turn, core and flexibility and stretching.

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Wanting more distance and accuracy. Want to increase flexibility and necessary movements to increase swing and clubhead speed. I have lost at least three club links in distance over the past few years and I would like to regain them. I bought this program today because I know I need to get in better physical shape. I like the idea of a golf specific exercise program and decided to give this a try. I'm 58 years old and have had both hips replaced in the last few years due to arthritis.

My golf game is Ok I'm a 12 handicap from the white tees , but I have lost a lot of distance since my hip replacements. I feel the pain and stiffness of arthritis in other joints as well. I workout regularly, but I know I have lost a lost of flexibility and swing speed. I am hoping GolfBodyRx can help me get some flexibility back, increase my swing speed, and improve my golf game.

To increase my golfing enjoyment. I practice too much with little or no improvement. I could keep posting these here but these 31 reasons from real customers should be enough to help you make a decision whether this is right for you or not….

Play Better, Play Without Pain, Play Longer, Enjoy the Game More

Want More Distance Off the Tee? Please Note: The author of this site is not engaged in rendering professional advice or services to the individual reader. As a beginning golfer, there's nothing wrong with picking up your ball if you're holding your playing partners up. Trust us, they'll appreciate it. You've been invited out for a round of golf by a friend or a family member or gulp maybe even your boss.

You're excited, but you're also petrified you might embarrass yourself because you're not quite sure of the protocol either on or off the course. Golf etiquette may seem complicated, and in truth, there's plenty you'll learn the more you play. But if you start with the following five points, you'll be fine.

And remember, if you're still not sure of something, there's nothing wrong with asking. Don't lag behind: The easiest way to endear yourself to playing partners has nothing to do with how well you play, but rather, how fast. That doesn't mean you have to rush your shots or run to your ball. It simply means you should take just one or two practice swings and be ready to hit when it's your turn. That still leaves plenty of time to chat between shots but never when someone is getting ready to hit.

Additionally, on the green if it is a casual round of golf, very short putts roughly two feet or less are generally "given. A good way to monitor your pace of play is to always remain a half hole behind the group in front of you. Wait your turn: If all golfers hit at the same time, it would be mass confusion, so knowing when to go is important. Traditionally, the person who had the best score on the previous hole has "the honor" and tees off first and so on.

From there, the general rule is the person furthest from the hole -- or "away" -- hits next. Bear in mind, however, that your group might decide it wants to play "ready golf," which means anyone who is ready to hit can go. Once you're on the green, another consideration is the flagstick.

If you're the closest to the hole, you're in charge of removing the flagstick if everyone says they can see the cup clearly, tending the flagstick which means pulling it from the hole as a putt tracks closer to the hole if they can't, then putting the flagstick back in the hole when your group leaves the green. Don't kill anyone. Yell "Fore! Shouting "Fore! A couple of things to know about using this term: First, don't wait.

The moment you realize a ball has even a remote chance of hitting another person, shout it out.

Golf Fitness: Play Better, Play Without Pain, Play Longer, and Enjoy the Game More

Using the term at anything less than full voice is a disservice. It is a warning to other golfers.

Also helpful is to yell the direction the ball is headed in, as in "Fore right! There is no harm in yelling "Fore! Take care of the course: It's hard work to make a golf course look as good as it does. Do your part to take care of it. For starters, if you're in a golf cart, find out if it is OK to take the carts on the grass or if they must remain on the cart path.

Either way, never drive the cart near the putting green. On the course, if you take a divot a piece of turf when hitting a shot , you should either replace it by carefully placing it in the spot and then firmly pressing down on it with your foot, or filling the hole with some seed mix. Shots hit to the green often leave a ball mark. If you don't know how to properly fix them, ask one of your playing partners to show you. And make sure you rake the bunker after you hit out of one. The sand is daunting enough without having to contend with someone's footprint.

Know where to stand: Golf may seem like a genteel sport, but keep in mind it is played with blunt objects. If golfers seem obsessive about where people are standing, it's because they don't want anyone to get hurt. They also don't want anything interfering with their concentration on a shot.

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A good rule of thumb is to stand to the side and slightly behind the ball several yards away. If a player is in a bunker, stay alert and stand well off to the side. Those shots come out fast and can go anywhere. On the green, try to stay out of the line of sight of the person putting. Further, when walking on the green be aware of the line from other player's balls and the hole and don't step in those lines.

Yes, it's true, the Rules of Golf is pages long and understanding many of the game's 34 rules is important. But don't worry. Most golfers, including those guys who turned their noses up at playing with a newcomer like you, have very little knowledge of how to play the game correctly.

You'd be surprised by how many golfers just make rules up as they go , so don't fret if you're not sure about what's OK and what's a violation. Just remember these key points and you'll do fine for now. Don't move your ball: Unless you're on a putting green, don't move your ball under any circumstance. Play it as it lies unless it's interfered with by an obstruction think man-made object -- yardage marker, beer can, etc. And if you're not sure what an obstruction is, ask the head pro or an experienced golfer. On the putting green, you have to mark the ball's position before lifting it, usually with a coin or a small ball marker.

Stick with your own ball: If you see a ball that's not your own, you may think, "Hey, free ball! Believe it or not, you're not the only golfer on the course who is hitting his ball to unintended locations, so it could be another player's ball from another hole. And speaking of which It's mostly OK to play from another hole: If your shot lands in another fairway, you can play the ball as it lies as long as that fairway is not designated as out of bounds white stakes or lines.

If you don't see white stakes or lines, you can play back to the hole you're playing. Just don't interfere with players on that particular hole.

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Let them play through unless they give you permission to go first. If your ball is outside the out-of-bounds markers, take a one-stroke penalty and play another shot from the spot you just hit from. Only take five minutes to look for a ball: If you hit a shot and you can't find the ball after five minutes of searching, take a one-stroke penalty and play another shot from as close as possible to the last spot you played from.

This might require you to drop a ball. If so, extend your hand at shoulder height over that area, simply drop it, then play from there. Play within the golf course: If you ever hit a shot out-of-bounds white stakes or lines , you have to replay a shot from as close as possible to where you just hit and add a stroke penalty to your score.