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Introduction to Microcontrollers

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Since , Dr. Bruce has contributed to the research areas of data converter architecture design and embedded systems design. His research has resulted in more than 30 technical publications and one book chapter.

Embedded Systems: Introduction to Arm® Cortex™-M Microcontrollers, 5th edition

Bryan A. Jones received the B. As a result, my next step was to document the 16F and its applications, through the medium of interactive simulation. ISIS is the schematic capture and interactive simulation software used to create the circuit drawing and to test the circuit prior to building the real hardware. SPICE is a mathematical circuit modelling system which has been developed over many years — these models can now be used to bring the drawing to life. Onscreen buttons and virtual signal sources, for example, provide inputs to the circuit.

Microcontrollers, Second Edition by J. W. Bruce, Robert Reese, Bryan A. Jones

Output can be displayed on a voltage probe or on a virtual oscilloscope. Now that we have microcontroller simulation as well, we really are in business. The MCU can be dropped on the screen, a program attached and debugged instantly. Electronic design has never been so easy! It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the basics of microcontroller systems, as covered in the first book. This one follows on, and is divided into three main parts. In the first part, the 16F hardware and programming and the simulation system are introduced.

An Introduction to Microcontrollers

In the second part, a range of interfacing techniques are covered; switches, keypads, displays, digital and analogue interfacing, data conversion and so on. In the third part, power outputs, serial interfaces, sensors, and system design examples culminate in a design for a general purpose board which provides a platform for further development. Each topic is illustrated by designs based on the 16F, so that the reader can concentrate on the interfacing and not have to deal with different microcontrollers.

All the circuits are available on the associated website see links below. All schematics were produced using ISIS — and you can produce them to the same standard in your own reports. The designs can be downloaded and run along side the book. ISIS Lite, the introductory design package, can be downloaded free, with extra features available for a small registration fee.

The 16F will simulate fully, and the software changed, but the hardware cannot be modified unless a licence is purchased for this device. The microcontroller models can be purchased for institution or professional use in packages — see the Labcenter website. If you have Proteus Professional installed and a licence for the PIC 16 series microcontrollers, you will be able to modify the hardware and application program to your own requirements.

A key will be e-mailed to you which will allow the demo programs to be fully tested and modified.

If you do not have a licensed copy of Proteus, you can download the demo version and run the applications and modify the code, but not the hardware.