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Abend, Hallett 1 30 Delaplane, Stanton 1 5 2. Acheson, Dean 1 36 Dewey, Thomas E. Alcott, Carroll 1 37 Dooley, Thomas 1 58 4. Barrett, William E. Douglas, William O. Bates, H. Ekert-Rotholz, Alice M. Baty, Eben N. Elegant, Robert 2 7. Baum, Vicki 1 11 Fitzgerald, Frances 1 98 8. Baxter, Walter 1 62 Fleming, Ian 1 96 9. Beard, ChariesA. Flynn, John T. Belden, Jack 1 37 Forman, Harrison 1 25 Boulle, Pierre 1 Frank, Pat 1 63 Bowles, Chester 1 83 Fulbright, J. William 1 7 Boyington, Gregory 1 52 Galbraith, John K.

Bromfield, Louis 2 Gandhi, Mohandas K. Brown, Cecil 1 Gann, Ernest K. Gilman, Peter 1 Buck, Pearl 16 Godden, Jon 1 31 Godden, Rumer 2 Goerner, Fred 1 7 Byas, Hugh 1 37 Greene, Graham 1 75 Camp, William M. Grew, Joseph 2 Gunther, John 2 Chapman, Frederick 1 38 Hachiya, Michihiko 1 48 Chennault, Anna 1 64 Hahn, Emily 2 Chennault, Claire L. Halberstam, David 1 Clavell, James 3 Halsey, William F. Han, Suyin 2 Close, Upton 1 43 Harrer, Heinrich 1 63 Corbett, JamesE. Hersey, John 2 88 Payne, Robert 1 57 Higgins, Marguerite 1 45 Powers, Tom 1 8 Hilton, James 1 Rama Rau, Santha 3 Hitrec, Joseph G.

Reynolds, Quentin 1 24 Hobart, Alice Tisdale 2 Roark, Garland 1 Hobbs, Lisa 1 22 Romulo, Carlos 1 65 Hunt, Frazier 1 11 Roosevelt, Eleanor 1 24 Huxley, Aldous 1 9 Russ, Martin 1 67 Hynd, Alan 1 17 Schlesinger, ArthurM. Isherwood, Christopher 1 45 Seagrave, Gordon S. Sevareid, Eric 1 15 Jennings, John 1 42 Shaw, Lau 1 Johnston, George 47 Shawcross, William 1 47 Kaye, M. Sheean, Vincent 2 37 Keith, Agnes 2 Sherrod, Robert 1 37 Kennan, George F.

Shute, Nevil 1 34 Kingston, Maxine Hong 2 82 Snepp, Frank 1 Kim, Richard E. Snow, Edgar 1 39 Kissinger, Henry 1 Standish, Robert 3 Landon, Margaret 1 Statler, Oliver 1 Lattimore, Owen 1 43 Stilwell, Joseph 1 71 LeCarre, John 1 Stimson, Henry 1h 14 Stowe, Leland 2 86 Lee, e. Sues, Ilona Ralf 1 33 Lee, Clark 1 75 Tanizaki, Jun'ichiro 1 37 Lin, Yutang 5 Tasaki, Hanama 1 74 Lindbergh, Anne Morrow 1 31 Taylor, Edmond 1 43 Lindley, Howard K.

Lofts, Norah 2 Terasaki, Gwen 1 26 Lord, Walter 2 Theobald, Robert 1 4 Lowe, Pardee 1 32 Thomas, Lowell, Jr. MacArthur, Douglas 1 77 Thompson, Thomas 1 McDonald, Alexander 1 6 Tolischus, Otto 1 46 Mackay, Margaret 1 58 Toynbee, Arnold 1 6 McKenna, Richard 1 Treanor, Tom 1 15 Malraux, Andre 1 84 Tregaskis, Richard 1 Manchester, William 1 Trevanian 1 Mao, Tse-tung 1 18 Tuchman, Barbara 1 Maraini, Fosco 1 47 Ullman, James Ph Markandala, Kamala 1 51 Utley, Freda 1 55 Marquand,John 1 94 Van Lustbader, Eric 1 Marshall, Edison 1 11 Vining, Elizabeth 2 Mason, F.

Van Wyck 1 56 Wainwright, Jonathan 1 31 Mason, Richard L. Waugh, Alec 1 Masters, John 8 Wedemeyer, Albert e. Matthiesen, Peter 1 68 Welles, Sumner 1 6 Menen, Aubrey 1 55 West, Morris L. Michener, James Weston, Christine 1 Michie, Allan 1 10 White, Robin 1 74 Monsarrat, Nicholas 1 White, Theodore Moore, Frederick 1 37 Whitney, Courtney 1 55 Moore, Robin 1 Willoughby, Charles A.

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Ph 52 Morison, Samuel E. Wolfert, Ira 2 80 Murphy, Robert 1 24 Mydans, Shelly Smith 1 49 Wren, P. Newcomb, Richard F.

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Wylie, Philip 81 Northrop, F. C 1 13 Zacharias, Ellis M. All of academics than it does today. The original version of this article was delivered before the of such weapons and whether such research ought to be annual meeting of the Southeastern Conference of the Association for undertaken on that campus. Research for this project was funded in part by grants from bacteriological warfare research before and during the West Georgia College Learning Resources Committee. The author also Indochina conflict. According to the New York Times.

New York Times, September 21, Other anti-CBW producing permanent physiological injury. Biological warfare consists of "intentional employment of Science , no.

Chemical warfare involves "the ing and should be capable of being produced economically in adequate military employment of chemicals toxic to men, animals, or plants. The most useful sources of information on the viewpoint of the trustees and administrators were: Minutes ofthe Board of Trustees. The following publications also indicated I there.

A growing faculty group faculty attitude: William Gomberg, "Freedom as a Disguise for Majority : satisfied that the university Tyranny," BioScience 17, no. November 14, To The most useful general sources on chemical and biological warfare comprehend the Penn experience as a microcosm of debate research included: William Buckingham, Operation Ranch Hand.

The Air among U. The February , pp. Humane vs. Inhumane Warfare: In the cave and tunnel warfare ofthe jungles there seem to be The Development of U. CBW Weaponry significant possibilities for riot-control agents used on mobs in the U. Army Chemical Corps as custodian of a probably useless and potentially embarrassing arsenal. S gas became increasingly obsolete. Although the ment, industry, and academia resulted in a comprehensive United States had not signed the Geneva Protocol upgrading of U. CBW capabilities. By , it had risen to chemical and bacteriological-in World War II.

By the time it ended nine Association, a group of military and industrial executives years later, some eighteen million gallons of defoliants, supported by chemical companies. Emperor Haile to September with the permission of the Laotian Selassie, in a well-publicized address before the League of government.

The Army Chemical Corps Saigon government investigators just prior to the collapse was aware of the Abyssinian example. In the s, with of the Saigon government. In it U. Quoted in Stem, "Catalog," p.

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Langer, "Chemical I ," p. Guerrilla War" summarized the "humane" argument for 7.

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  • Buckingham, Operation, pp. Langer, "Chemical I ," pp. Abscission," in Cambodia. The Widening War in Indochina, ed. Orange" or other defoliants at the early date that the Hanoi universities. While not actually producing Vietnam. That use became a major question of conscience the weapons on campus, Penn was involved in the for many Americans as well as antiwar elements overseas. During that conflict, Penn's faculty Professor Krieger argued that if the university depends for its freedom on a free society, it has some responsibility to defend the free society [through Grant, Laurence Moss, and Jonathan Unger New York: Washington government research contracts].

    I like to believe that we are Square Press, , pp. Long observed the defoliation program first hand while serving as a Penn trustee-for-life and ex-U. Defense Secretary military map maker for the South Vietnamese government between and In the course of his official duties he "had occasion to be at one Thomas Sovereign Gates, Jr.

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    While the studies by Long, Lewallen, Galston, Buckingham, and the National Academy of Sciences If the government wants something done it's all right to do it essentially corroborate each other on the extent of ecological devastation, and accept the work. If there's a special problem that cuts Long and Lewallen go further to corroborate N.

    Wilcox is principally concerned with damage to the health of U. Le Montie, March 23, , quoting A.

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    Hanoi dispatch. Kolko, "Universities," pp. Cyrus Vance statement to a foreign policy conference in Washington, Stern, "Catalog," p.

    Sengoku period in fiction

    Stem, "Catalog,"p. Langer, "Chemical II ," p. War is immoral to begin with. The munition combinations in counterinsurgency situations" whole goddamn thing is immoral. Consequently a for counterinsurgent operations. Enough eventually became publicly known names. Including was an acceptable place for such study. Between and a significant ship and were the President and Provost perceived in public number of projects were undertaken in CBW.

    Robin "Oro," in conjunction with Johns Hopkins University, predicted the degree of toxicity of CBW agents delivered under different weather conditions. Summit was the code-name for U.