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Jack Vance. Publisher: Ace Books , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis Wicked King Casmir cannot control Madouc, the wild and willful changeling secretly switched at birth with Prince Dhrun, rightful heir to the throne.

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Buy New Learn more about this copy. About AbeBooks. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Ace Books, Softcover. Search for all books with this author and title. Customers who bought this item also bought. With no word from Tanjecterly, Aillas resumes his campaign against the Ska. His hit-and-run strategy finally prompts a tactical mistake by the Ska, who divide their forces into two smaller armies. Aillas' Ulfish army attacks and destroys one of these armies.

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Aillas offers a peace agreement whereby the Ska return to the original limits of their territory; in return Aillas will demand no reparations or hostages. The Ska agree. In Tanjecterly Kul follows the orders implanted in him to return Glyneth to their original starting point, which is the location of the other portal.

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On the way they are attacked several times so that he loses a great deal of blood, and the beast and pirate aspects of Kul begin to assert themselves. They reach the portal and are besieged by enemies, but Shimrod appears to rescue her. Glyneth will not leave Kul, but Shimrod explains that while Kul is dying, his love for her came from someone else.

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Shimrod and Glyneth return to Earth where she is reunited with Aillas, now the undisputed King of Troicinet, Dascinet and Ulfland, who reveals his deep love for her manifested through Kul and asks her to be his Queen, which she gladly accepts. Aillas, Dhrun, Glyneth and Shimrod journey to Watershade for a banquet, while in Lyonesse, Casmir awaits news from Visbhume that will never come, and ponders the mystery of Suldrun's son.

Princess Madouc, unaware of her true parentage, suffers an unhappy childhood comparable to Suldrun's, but has more spunk and actively resists the regimen imposed upon her as a royal princess. On an unauthorized outing into the forest, she is separated from her bodyguard the stable-hand Pimfet and discovers her mother, the fairy Twisk, and learns the truth, including the fact that her father's identity is unknown. She meets Prince Dhrun at a reception and shares her knowledge with him, incidentally establishing a mutual but low-key attraction.

Meanwhile, Casmir continues to plot against Aillas by funding the exploits of the Ska renegade Torqual, which however have little effect against Aillas's precautions. Allias defeats the Ska residing in a fort on the border with Dahaut and claims the fort itself by law of conquest, causing tensions between the two nations. King Audrey is distraught to find his army, though still strong, is slowly growing fat and complacent from mismanagement, and begins trying to re-assert himself as a military power.

Shimrod the wizard, at Murgen's request, investigates mysterious demonic attentions in Ys, which appear to involve Melancthe. Murgen is too busy watching over Joald, a trapped being of apocalyptic power, to do so himself. Melancthe continues to fascinate and frustrate Shimrod, and he is unable to learn what her plans are. Later, as part of his service to Murgen, Shimrod disguises himself as a Scythian bravo to infiltrate Torqual's band.

He is unable to make progress in his investigation of Melancthe, but disrupts a plot to assassinate King Aillas and kidnap Dhrun. The corpses of the dead assassins are re-animated and march to Casmirs court before expiring in order to send a message. Torqual sets off with Melancthe. Madouc having angered Casmir by refusing to be part of a marriage alliance he's devised, the king punishes her and humors Queen Solace by making Madouc the prize in a quest for the Holy Grail a relic which would draw pilgrims to the cathedral being built under the instigation of the treacherous Brother Umphred, who has revealed to Casmir that Dhrun is Suldrun's son.

Madouc's response is to seek the Grail herself, since that seems the best method of preserving herself. Casmir, distracted by other matters, accidentally gives the royal blessing to the journey. Together with Pimfet, Madouc sets off on a journey for the Grail and for the identity of her father. While she fails to find out who her father truly is even with the help of the Faries and Twisk as he used a pseudonym while courting Twisk , she does discover what seems to be the Grail. She and Pimfet travel to the castle where the Grail is, and through cunning manage to kill the Ogre Throop and retrieve the grail, a task that hundreds of knights had tried and failed.

Unfortunately, Casmir reneges on his promise. Though his life is spared, Pimfet is still punished harshly despite retrieving the grail, and Madouc begins to truly hate Casmir with all her being. Madouc then discovers Casmir's plan to frustrate the magic mirror's prophecy that Dhrun would rule the Elder Isles, by having him sit momentarily at the magic table in the capital city of Dahaut and then having Dhrun killed.

To this end, Casmir arranges for a colloquy despite having no desire for peace.

Lyonesse III: Madouc

On the way there, Madouc manages to earn a sliver of respect from Queen Solace when the latter learns of the deeds involved in retrieving the grail, though the two are still on poor terms. In revenge for his treatment of Pimfet and herself, Madouc foils Casmir's plan by publicly warning Dhrun and the assembled worthies humiliating Casmir in the middle of the colloquy. She is stripped of her rank and forbidden from finishing what she had to say, but her message does not fall on deaf ears.

Any doubt the worthies had in her statements evaporates when Allias, who had been running late, dramatically arrives and corroborates her story. Madouc is then kidnapped by Casmir's agents but rescued by Aillas and Dhrun. Meanwhile, Torqual and Melancthe arrive at Murgen's manse. Desmei manifests out of Melancthe, possesses Torqual, and the Melancthe is left to be brutally killed by Murgen's sentries.

Inside, Murgen himself is bound by demonic hands.

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Desmei orders Torqual to free the Green Pearl so she can be whole, but by accident the Ska instead releases Tamurello. Desmei's physical form is destroyed, and an insane Tamurello tries to free Joald with the help of Torqual simply to spite Murgen, fully aware that it will mean the end of the Elder Isles. Joald manages to partially wrench free, and his presence in the Atlantic causes a massive tsunami that wipes out Ys instantly and the majority of Vale Evander shortly after. Before they can cause the downfall of the entire island however, Tamurello is defeated and Torqual is beheaded.

Desmei and Tamurello, unable to be destroyed by normal means since the Green has rendered them partially demonic, are instead sent to an alternate dimension where one of Murgen's associates annihilates them utterly in supernatural fire.

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The Green is revealed to be a corrupting magical force and an element of a much larger inter dimensional war, which Murgen has been trying to keep from reaching Earth. The deed done, Murgan collapses into a chair, crestfallen. Murgen explains to Shimrod that some of the dead gods of Lyonesse favor Joald, that to kill him would incur their wrath, and thus all that Murgan can do is keep Joald imprisoned for as long as he lives.

Casmir, emboldened by the news of the destruction of Vale Evander, throws the dice on a war against Dahaut. He finds that Dahaut puts up much more of a fight than expected. The ulfs counterattack by raiding the coasts of Lyonesse, and Godelia enters the war on Casmir's side in response. After several battles, the Dahaut army is routed.

Prince Cassander is wounded trying to kill the fleeing king Audrey. Ignoring the advice of his more experienced advisors and overeager to prove himself, the wounded Cassander orders his scouts to embark on a pointless search that gives the Dahaut army time to regroup and escape. Though King Audrey later puts up a valiant fight that allows the majority of his remaining army to escape across the border into the Ulflands, he and his son are killed.

Dahaut is conquered, but this triggers an attack on Casmir by Aillas. Cassander is killed during a retreat shortly after, putting an undignified end to the ambitious young man. The Troice army routs Casmir's army, and Casmir enters the battle only to shortly after flee back towards Lyoness Town.

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