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Eilir Mackenzie. Mike Havel. John Hordle. Pamela Lisketter. Martha Stoddard. Nigel Loring. Alleyne Loring.

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Ingolf Vogeler. Lucy Alston-Kurlelo. Doreen Arnstein. Kashtiliash IV. Doreen Rosenthal. Heather Alston-Kurlelo. Kenneth Hollard. Crusher Bailey.

Odard Liu. Fred Thurston. Ritva Havel. Mary Havel. Kathryn Hollard. Helmut Mittler.

Marian Kurlelo-Alston. Justin Clemens. William Jefferson Cuddy. Henry Armitage. Pete Giernas. Althea of the House of the Wolf. Massachusetts, USA.

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California, USA. Isle of Wight, England, UK. Related events Bronze Age.

Trojan War. Related book awards Sidewise Award Finalist. New York Times bestseller. How do series work? Series: Nantucket event series Series by cover 1—8 of 18 next show all. Island in the Sea of Time by S. Against the Tide of Years by S. On the Oceans of Eternity by S. Dies the Fire by S. The Protector's War by S. A Meeting at Corvallis by S. The Sunrise Lands by S. The Scourge of God by S. The Sword of the Lady by S. The High King of Montival by S. A Shropshire Lad I could read back home in front of the fire, with a cup of hot cocoa.

She gripped the hairy warmth of her horse more tightly with her thighs, as rain hissed down through the tossing branches above. It ran around the edges of her sou'wester and rain slicker into the sodden blue wool of her uniform, leaching her body's warmth.

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If you absolutely had to be out in weather like this, nine hundred pounds of hay-fueled heater were a comfort. Marian Alston had joined the Coast Guard at eighteen, a gawky bookish tomboy furiously determined to escape her beginnings on a hardscrabble farm in the tidewater country of South Carolina. She was in her forties now, a tall slender ebony-black woman going a little gray at the temples of her close-cropped wiry hair, with a face that might have come from a Benin bronze in its high-checked, broad-nosed comeliness.

They paused at a slight rise, where a fold in the ridge gave them a view over swaying forest and the country that fell away before them. Swindapa, Dhinwarn's daughter, of the Kurlelo lineage, lifted her billed Coast Guard cap and shook her head. Droplets flew off the clubbed pigtail that held long wheat-blond hair in check, save for a few damp strands that clung to her oval, straight-nosed face.

Her smile showed white even teeth, and her English-rose complexion was tanned by a decade of sun reflected off the ocean. She went on: "But why are so many Eagle People poems sad?

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  • Don't you ever make poems about beer? Or roast venison and playing with babies and making love in new-mown hay on warm summer afternoons? Alston smiled herself, a slight curve of her full lips.