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Small children of Faerun hear whispered tales even before they are officially warned of Those Below. As everyone knows, drow come by night, sporadically raiding the surface realms with their twisted magic and their near-invulnerability to the magic art of most wizards. They are masters of subtle treachery, and cannot be trusted even by their fellows.


Ed Greenwood Makes ya feel like a real pirate, aimin' ballistas and catapults and such at the enemy, blastin' great holes in her hull, watchin' 'em flee like rats That's the thrill - leapin' from yer own gunwales onto the enemy's deck, cutlass flashin', givin' 'em the ol' hook-and-eye - ' the retired pirate slashes at an invisible opponent with the iron hook that takes the place of his right hand - 'drivin' 'em back to the rails!

Let me tell yer about the time we took on Teldar and the Kissing Maiden Here are facts about their societies, their interactions with the Inner Sea nations, their pirate kings, their ships, their style of combat; in fact, here is everything any DM or player needs to know to enjoy a campaign in the Sea of Fallen Stars and its environs.

Curtis Scott Noble fools, some call them. Crazy, misguided meddlers, others say.

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Still others disagree. This is a sourcebook you'll turn to again and again. So far, details about the island itself, its geography, rulers, and society have been sketchy. It is known that Evermeet is protected by illusory magic, that ships lose their way or vanish mysteriously if they approach the isle, and that the elven navy is the finest in the realms. Past publications have also revealed that Evermeet is ruled by Queen Amlaruil, and that her husband Zaor was murdered decades ago. Beyond this, little is known. Until now, Evermeet has been reserved exclusively for the elves and officially closed to humans, dwarves, and other races.

But this product will help you work Evermeet into your campaign and allow other PC races to visit, or at least interact, with the mysterious island. Anthony Pryor One rules the city of bards, Silverymoon. Another is Elminster's beloved and the infamous Witch-Queen of Aglarond. The fifth is a leader of the Harpers and a legendary bard in her own right, and the sixth is a dead - perhaps undead - witch. And the seventh?

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But who are they, really? Sages say they are among the Chosen of Mystara, archmages who wield magic few can dare to stand against. Yet these seven do not seek to rule the world, and they often stay quiet and hidden for generations. That hints at another thing. These seven seem immortal, never aging as the long years pass. Just who are these Seven Sisters, and what are their secrets? Read this tome, and learn what the Zhentarim, the Red Wizards of Thay, and the Cult of the Dragon could not, despite performing many fell deeds in the attempt. Learn the stories of these great ladies, and their aims and strivings - and browse among over a hundred new and spectacular spells!

Dungeon Masters and players alike will find this volume an essential sourcebook of Realmslore, and a handy guide to archsorceresses peerless in power. Her eyes adjusted slowly to the darkness within the stone giants' home. On the walls she could make out stunning friezes and portraits, all carved in bas-relief with artistry like none she had seen back home in Shadowdale.

Kiruna stood for a moment, gazing on these immense figures and faces, her reverie broken only by the realization that she was shivering; no, not shivering, but being shaken. The floor was quivering, and, echoing in the depths of the darkness, footsteps approached Giantcraft presents game material based on those characters and events, including statistics for Princess Brianna, Tavis Burdun, and others; a section on player-character giants and giant-kin; a chapter on giant religion; a new magic-using class, the runecaster; details on giant rune magic; and detailed lairs for the main giant types found in the Ice Spires and their environs.

Read about levendhule, the forbidden "living cave"; uncover the secrets of the Ordning; learn the history of the sons and daughters of Annam. Dungeon Masters and players alike are certain to find invaluable information in this latest Realms sourcebook. Familiarity with the novels is not necessary to use this accessory. But often, appearance gives no clue: even wizards and rogues of the Dalelands vary from. Dale to Dale, though one may look the same as another. Faerftnians are fiercely proud of their heritage, and they carry their native traits with them wherever they go.

Special benefits and disadvantages related to each particular home town or territory allow players to create unique kits that can be applied to mages, specialist wizards, and rogues, and they can even be layered over other kits. As a bonus, two new player character subclasses have been included: the intriguing spellsinger and the stealthy shadow walker. William W. Learn what a difference your homeland makes when you choose a warrior's kit, or discover the benefits as well as disadvantages of worshiping certain gods of the Realms.

Some differences among people are subtle, while others can be quite glaring. This tome reveals ways to identify whether a mercenary hails from Chondath or Waterdeep. It tells you that not all black-clad priests are evil followers of Cyric, and even priests of the demipowers have skills to respect. In addition to priest and warrior kits, unique PC subclasses are revealed herein: the Harper, roving guardian of nature and justice, and the Crusader, a militant priest able to defend the faith with steel if necessary.

As sure as Elminster's pipe glows green, the true warriors and priests of the Realms stand revealed at last! John Terra No more can these men, women, dragons, dracoliches, and For centuries has the evil secreet society founded by the mad mage and Chosen of Mystara, Sammaster, labored secretly - well, no more! This page book lays bare the secrets of Sammaster and the secret society he created over years ago.

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Herein is written the story of the Cult of the Dragon, beginning with its foundation based on an obscure line in a tome of ancient prophecy. Learn of the Cult's most powerful current cells, their leaders, the dragons and dracoliches that work with them or for them , and their goals. Discover the many foes the Cult has earned in over four centuries of treachery and industrious malevolent dealings.

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Also included are the details of some of the spells and magical items of the Cult and its dragons and dracoliches, including the one item that no Cult member will ever admit the existence of, much less claim to possess. Dale Donovan A dwarf? Maybe a gnome? Perhaps, yet that doesn't really say much, does it?

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One might just as easily say there's no difference between a Calishite and a Thayan because they're both humans! Special benefits and disadvantages for each kit enhance roots and racial heritages. Some say the Magister is simply the most powerful mortal mage in all of Toril. Perhaps, but there is something more, something unique, about being so touched by the Mother of All Magic.

A few will succeed.

More will wish they'd never taken up magic in the first place. Here at last, one can learn all the secrets, abilities, and sacred duties of the Magister.

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Also, read guidelines on how a PC mage might become the Magister. This book holds the history of the office, new powers, spells, magic items, a roster of select Magisters from the past, and guidelines on how to incorporate the Magister into your campaign. WotC just proceeded with the 3e rules and setting changes without adding any corresponding historical events. Karsus's Folly was made global setting canon with 3e as a historical detail that further developed the history of Netheril and explained some changes local to the Anauroch and some new game elements, but it wasn't the same kind of global upheaval—it was more of a retcon slipped in as undisruptively as possible.

Given that the question is tying game mechanics with in-game events, I would like to offer an answer that follows the in-game history of the setting, and not the real-world history. The in-game history was gradually reconstructed with the past such as the Arcane Age written after the "present", which leads to interpretations as in the answer by SevenSidedDie , some points of whom I disagree with. For example, there are data supporting that Karsus's Folly was indeed FR canon during the 2e. Quoting from the Netheril: Empire of Magic boxed set page , emphasis mine :. After the death of Mystryl, Quoting pages , again emphasis mine :.

This means that clerics and druids are two separate classes, as are mages and illusionists. Specialty priests and specialist wizards no longer exist. Soon, the assassins had a guild of their own. The reformation of the bards Bards left their dependence on wizard spells behind, instead opting to learn a bit about everything. They became fighters until 5th level or so and then became thieves, remaining so until they had achieved at least 5th level in their new class.