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The focus is on diplomatic practice, looking at the diverse methods used by the international actors involved and how they contribute to its effectiveness. The first section examines how various levels of international actors practice diplomacy. Nation states are still key actors and they use many methods in embassies, international conferences, international organizations, summit meetings, and more.

International organizations are both a forum for multilateral diplomacy and a major set of international actors still growing in significance for global governance diplomacy.

Lobbying and Diplomacy in/of the EU: Two Faces of the Same Coin?

In addition, a multiplicity of regional or limited membership institutions play a role in global governance. At the transnational level, there is the increasing role of civil society institutions and nongovernmental organizations in international affairs. This is where a new kind of international actors is found, unevenly contributing to global governance diplomacy beyond the control of public authorities.

Mannu Chowdhury, MSc in Global Governance & Diplomacy (2012-2013), University of Oxford

The second section explores the functional level, looking at how diplomacy operates in five areas of global governance: peace and security, economic governance, social issues, human rights, and environmental protection. Each of these presents different challenges for global governance diplomacy and requires the development of different diplomatic strategies and new techniques.

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In Parliamentary Diplomacy in European and Global Governance , 27 experts from all over the world analyse the fast-expanding phenomenon of parliamentary diplomacy. Through a wealth of empirical case studies, the book demonstrates that parliamentarians and parliamentary assemblies have an increasingly important international role.

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The volume begins with parliamentary diplomacy in Europe, because the European Parliament is one of the strongest autonomous institutional actors in world politics. The study then examines parliamentary diplomacy in relations between Europe and third countries or regions Mexico, Turkey, Russia, the Mediterranean , before turning attention to the rest of the world: North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

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This pioneering volume confirms the worldwide nature and salience of parliamentary diplomacy in contemporary global politics.