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#51 Blending mode explained in adobe Photoshop (Part 01)

No notes for slide. Nevertheless, the concerns of each role create a natural division between the two worlds. What is good design? Not just the form Not just the function But the artful blend of form and function Must look good and also work well What is good design? Not just the form Not just the function But the artful blend of form and function Must look good and also work well Not just visual design Not just information architecture Not just interaction design But the careful blending of the three disciplines Must look good and also work well What is good design?

Not just the form Not just the function But the artful blend of form and function Must look good and also work well Not just visual design Not just information architecture Not just interaction design But the careful blending of the three disciplines Must look good and also work well Not just in photoshop, but a living experience for the user Must look good and also work well guiding principles for designers what engineers wish you understood Rarely do long titles show up in comps produced in photoshop.

Take the challenge: consider the dynamic nature of the site a worthy design challenge 2. Net ix. Combined very tricky. Pixel parity across all browsers Stop worrying about pixel parity for IE6. Design for modern browsers and have graceful fallback for older browsers. Equalizing height across columns Faux approach works the best background images fake out column height. But not known by all developers. These can be sinkholes in time Hard to layout against the ow In the current world, remember that this is a document model not a GUI layout engine Height is harder to control Content should normally drive the height Not possible to render your Photoshop fonts Use browser-available fonts; SIFR and other solutions are buggy; specify alternates.

Seasoned engineers will have a bag of tricks. Think of it as your toolkit. Not all designs cost the same Everything has a cost. We need to balance what you want against those costs each and every time. Results in cleaner CSS. They can make it happen. It can do nothing but good, fostering a greater understanding for what goes into the tasks each other have. Every Friday at 2pm. Throw out ideas. Discuss technical solutions to thorny problems.

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Discuss vocabulary. Hear frustrations. Use URLs.

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Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard.

Quickly Blending photographs Together

Cancel Save. Select one of the modes to see the result in your document window. The ways to use the different blending modes are limited only by your imagination and creativity. There are a few techniques presented on these pages that make use of some of the blending modes. The real key? The more you experiment and become comfortable with the different Blending modes, the better your images will look. The dissolve blending mode is great for special effects.

The dissolve especially lends itself to particle effects such as star fields and flying sparks.

By adjusting the opacity you can control how the dissolve displays. Another way to control the dissolve pixels is to use blur filters. The spots will appear wherever there is a soft or semi transparent edge. In this case, transparency and blurs were used to get the chalk effect. Knowing that the darken and lighten blending groups hide white and black is useful information when it comes to placing things over a background. If these layers contain a black or white background, the blending modes can hide these colors and make compositing a snap.

In this example, there is a canned page in top of an image. Just the text should be showing through and the white needs to be removed.

How to make a lower third in photoshop

You could reach for the masking tools such as the magic wand or color range. This is completely unneeded. Change the blending mode to multiply. The white is now hidden and the black text reads perfectly.

Blending mode examples

This means then, if you have the opposite of a previous example; white text reversed out onto a black background you have a strategy. Change the blending mode to Screen and all the black disappears leaving the white text against the background image. A particular blending mode works really well on more difficult subjects like glass, smoke, fire and lightning. Take these images for example. How would you put the smoke on top of the image of the musicians? A real mess could be made of this and it could become very difficult and time consuming.

All you need to do is choose screen blending mode and its perfect and quick. This next blending mode Overlay is guaranteed to make almost any image look better. Rather than just apply the Blending mode, you can add a couple of little tweaks that will make it a bit more subtle. You can just apply the blending mode for a nice finish, but try the variations. Start with your photograph.

Add multi-density vector graphics

Duplicate the layer and change the blending mode at the top of the layers palette to overlay. Notice a huge difference in the colors and contrast right away. Drop the opacity to a more natural amount if you want a less pronounced effect. Typically anything for will work well depending on the image. Choose the amount that looks good on your image. You will notice that there is a sweet spot on the slider. This is a great way to make people look better and to smoothen out skin.

Compare the results to this end image to the beginning image. You can get some really interesting and powerful effects so easily by using blending modes. You may be surprised. Take the two images of the fire and the sinister looking man. What do you think will happen with blending modes here? Put the fire on top and choose Lighter color.