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Maria Langer is a freelance writer, helicopter pilot, and long-time Quicken user. A former financial analyst with a degree in accounting, she is the bestselling author of the previous editions of this book.

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Quicken The Official Guide. He made it clear that he sees it as inefficient to maintain them all. Miller told me more recently that Mint will be seen as a "customer acquisition engine" at Intuit.

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To decipher: She probably means that the free online personal finance site will be kept feature-light to encourage users who want more capability to pay for the full desktop version of Quicken. And compared with Mint, she said, Quicken Online will be "more connected to the desktop experience. The product is still not out. Miller told me it's scheduled to be released in February Based on my talk with Patzer, I strongly doubt he will devote resources to its separate code base.

Quicken 2009 the Official Guide

Furthermore, Quicken Mac will not be able to read and write files from Quicken for Windows. I gather the conversion code is yet to be completed, since Miller called it "a top priority," not an existing feature. She also said the conversion of data from Windows to the Mac version will be a one-way trip. Patzer has indicated to me that his vision is to give consumers access to their data no matter what platform they are on. A locked-in financial application like Quicken Mac doesn't fit with this world view.

The Quicken code base overall: While Patzer has yet to take the reins at Intuit's Quicken group, he's already thinking about unifying the code bases of the various personal financial products that will be under his purview. He's considering developing a cross-platform version of Quicken on Adobe Air, not just because it's one code base that can run on Windows and the Mac but because it's easier to make a version that integrates with the Web.

Patzer admits that "getting up to feature parity on an Air app will take years," though.

Quicken's enforced upgrades: Quicken "sunsets" its desktop applications every three years. If you're using an older version of Quicken, it will still function on the desktop, but its ability to access online information, like stock prices and bank balances, will end. Intuit does this so it can focus its development and maintenance on newer versions and shifting standards for online financial services, I'm told.

An introduction to Quicken Online

Skeptics believe it's so Intuit can squeeze upgrade dollars out of locked-in users. Regardless of the reason, it angers users who are forced to upgrade their software even if they're satisfied with it. Miller told me that Intuit "will continue its sunset policies. The key point is that he's open to examining the sunset practice, even if the existing Intuit management has not considered doing so.

The desktop product will get easier to use as Mint is , but the online version will get more features as well as the capabilities to pay bills and do other transactions as Quicken allows.

Quicken 2012 the Official Guide

Miller also said that TurboTax Online and Mint will get integrated, although not likely in time for the coming tax season. Using a budget in Quicken can help you plan for unexpected bills and track your spending on a daily basis. Use the options in the Budget utility in Quicken to automatically create a budget. Click the "Automatic" check box, then click the "Create Budget" button.

The Create Budget: Automatic window opens. Enter the date range that you want Quicken to base the budget on in the From and To calendar boxes.

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Click the check box next to the budget method that you want Quicken to use. For example, click the "Monthly Detail" check box to have Quicken copy the value for each month in the selected date range to the appropriate month in the budget. Click the "OK" button.