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The Hippopotamus Defence Creative Chess Opening Preparation Chess Explained: The English Opening Opening White Kramnik V1a Opening White Kramnik V1b Starting Out:The Reti An Attacking Repertoire Chess Duels with the Champions Opening Repertoire for Blitz Alekhine Alert! Mastering Chess Openings V 1 Mastering the Chess Openings: Volume 3 Beating the King's Indian etc.

The Alterman Gambit Guide White Play the Alekhine Beating 1. How to Play Against 1 e4 The Four Knights Game The King's Gambit Play the Ponziani The Modern French Chess Explained: The French Defence Starting Out: The Modern The Modern Tiger Bologan's Ruy Lopez for Black Attacking the Spanish Fighting The Ruy Lopez English Attack v Taimanov Play Nf6 in Sicilian HB Seven Ways to Smash Sicilian Starting Out: Sicilian Sveshnikov Starting Out: Classical Sicilian Chess Explained: The Taimanov Sicilian Play the Najdorf Sicilian The Grand Prix Attack Chess Explained: The Classical Sicilian Playing the Queen's Gambit Dangerous Weapons: Sicilian X.

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Starting Out: d-pawn Attacks Play the English The Blackmar-Diemer Gambit Chess Explained: The Modern Benoni Fighting the Anti-King's Indians Beat the KID Play the Queen's Indian Chess Explained: The Nimzo-Indian Bc4 against the Open Games The Art of theTarrasch Defence The Berlin Wall Modern Chess Openings Dismantling the Sicilain Attacking Flexible Sicilian Chess Opening Essentials 1 Chess Opening Essentials 2 Chess Opening Essentials 3 Chess Opening Essentials 4 Dangerous Weapons: Anti-Sicilians Discovering Chess Openings Starting Out: Open Games Alekhine move by move Beating Unusual Chess Defences Beating the Fianchetto Defences Basic Chess Openings for Kids Wojo's Weapons V1 Fighting the London System The Modern English 1 c5 e5 Repertoire with Nf6 g6 d6 V1 Repertoire with Nf6 g6 d6 V2 Anti-Sicilians Move by Move The Hippopotamus Rises The Fiancetto Solution Dangerous Weapons: Flank Openings English ,,,e5 The reversed sicilian lines.

Fundamental Chess Openings Mastering the Chess Openings Volume 4 Nimzo-Indian: Move by Move The Modern Scandinavian Play the Trompowsky Attack Play the Alekhine Defence The Scotch Game Dangerous Weapons: 1. The Petroff Move by Move Bishop's Opening Explained Scotch Game Explained The Philidor: A Secret Weapon Deadly Weapons: The Caro Kann Play the Caro-Kann The Wonderful Winawer French Defence Advance V1 French Defence Advance V2 The French Defence Reloaded Fighting the French The Berlin Defence Unraveled Anti-Spanish Cozio Defence Opening White Anand V7 The Modern Vienna Game The Ruy Lopez Revisited Slay the Spanish Challenging Sicilian with 2.

The Taimanov Sicilian The English Attack How to Beat Sicilian Defence Opening White Anand V11 Opening White Anand V12 Opening White Anand V4 X.

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Opening White Anand V8 Opening White Anand V9 Openings White Anand V13 Play the Accelerated Dragon Ruy Lopez Explained Bishop b5 Sicilian The Complete Sveshnikov Sicilian Tarrasch Defence Move by Move Declining the Queen's Gambit Dangerous Weapons: The Queen's Gambit Play 1d4 d5 2 c4 e6!

The New Old Indian Queen's Indian Defence Squeezing the Gambits Budapest Fajarowicz How to Play Against 1.

Queen's Bishop Attack Revealed Starting Out: Benoni Systems Starting Out: Modern Benoni Chess Developments: Modern Benoni Play the Dutch Dangerous Weapons: The Dutch Starting Out: The Grunfeld Chess Explained - The Grunfeld Challenging the Grunfeld How to get the Edge against the Grunfeld The Samisch King's Indian Uncovered The Classical King's Indian Uncovered Kill KID 1 Rubinstein Complex Challenging the Nimzo-Indian Chess Explained: The Queen's Indian Play the 4 f3 Nimzo-Indian Fabiano Caruana A Legend on the Road: Bobby Fischer's My 60 Memorable Games Najdorf x Najdorf Profession: Chess Player Fischer World Champion!

Gary Kasparov Part 1 Khalifman, Life and Games The Masters: Alekhine Capablanca Games II Grand Strategy 2nd Edition Bobby Fischer for Beginners Max Euwe - The Biography David Janowski Champions of the New Millennium Najdorf: Life and Games Fire On Board Part 2 The Life and Games of Carlos Torre Across The Board HB Parallel Strategy- Chess Compositions Fundamental Chess Tactics Fundamental Checkmates Chess Puzzles for Kids HB Greatest Puzzles Ultimate Chess Puzzle Book Test Your Chess Skills Chess Mazes 2 Nottingham Back to Basics: Strategy The Art of Bisguier A Strategic Opening Repertoire Studies for Practical Players Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual Tragicomedy in the Endgame ChessBase Complete Vienna Back to Basics: Fundamentals Back to Basics: Openings Elements of Positional Evaluation 4th Ed Back to Basics: Tactics Teaching Chess Step by Step 1 Teaching Chess Step by Step 3 Common Sense in Chess St Petersburg Jose Raul Capablanca Emanual Lasker 2nd World Chess Champion London Bullet Chess Chess Movies 1 Quick Tricks Chess Movies 2 Modern Ideas in Chess Najdorf 6.

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Be3 Chess Mazes Opening White Anand V5 Opening White Anand V6 Secrets of Chess Transformations In Search of Zugzwang X. The Art of Triangulation Fine Art of Chess Annotation V1 Fine Art of Chess Annotation V2 Fine Art of Chess Annotation V3 Avenue du Parc. Taschereau Brossard J4Z 1A7. Centre Laval.

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