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Schneider, James D. Nicogossian and Charles R.

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Huntoon, and Charles R. James Chapter 5: Microbiology Cherie M. Oubre, Duane L. Pierson, and C. Allen, Richard W. Danielson, and John R. Reschke, Gilles Clement, Shea L.

Frontiers | Recent Progress in Space Physiology and Aging | Physiology

Thorson, Deborah L. Harm, Thomas H. Mader, Alix M.

Dudley, Scott J. Wood, Jacob J. Bloomberg, Ajitkumar P. Mulavara, C. Robert Gibson, and Dafydd R. Smith, Peggy A.

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Whitson, Sara R. Zwart, and Carolyn L. Taylor, Vernie Daniels, and Sam L. Smith Peggy A. Whitson Sara R. Zwart Carolyn L. Huntoon 11 Metabolism and Nutrition 16 Helen W. Lane Scott M. Smith Vickie L. Taylor Vernie R. Daniels Sam L. Sipes James D. Doarn Richard S. Williams Victor S. Schneider James D. Williams Arnauld E. Nicogossian James D. Nicogossian Dafydd R. Williams Richard S.

Doarn Arnauld E. Nicogossian Victor S.

Space Physiology and Medicine : From Evidence to Practice eBook

Schneider Richard S. Arnauld E. More information about ebooks. Patten BM. Neurology of microgravity and space travel.

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Aviation, High Altitude and Space Physiology

Summary of research issues in behavior and performance inisolatedand confined extreme ICE environments. Lugg DJ. Behavioral health in Antarctica: Implications for long-duration space missions.

Space medicine

Lessons from a space analog on adaptation for long-duration exploration missions. Expedition cognition: A review and prospective of subterranean neuroscience with spaceflight applications. Front Hum Neurosci ; Autonomous medical care for exploration class space missions. J Trauma ; Houtchens BA. Medical-care systems for long-duration space missions.

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Friedman E, Bui B. A psychiatric formulary for long-duration spaceflight. The role of smart medical systems in the space station. Int J Clin Monit Comput ; Doarn CR.

Telemedicine in extreme environments: Analogs for space flight.