Manual The Apocalypse of Elijah: Based on P. Chester Beatty 2018 (Pseudepigrapha series)

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He will appoint priests for them. For here are his signs. I will tell them to you in order that you may recognize him. For he has two sons, one on his right and one on his left. Now, the one on the right 5 will assume a diabolical appearances. He will abandon the name of God.


For four kings come from that king. And in his thirtieth year when he comes to Memphis he will construct a 10 temple in Memphis at that time. His own son will rebel against him and kill him. The whole land will tremble. You shall return tow-fold. He will seize their homes. He will take their sons into captivity. He will 5 command that they perform sacrifices, abominations, and galling acts upon the land.


He will appear beneath the sun and the moon at that time. As for the priests of the land - they will tear their garments. Woe to you 10 at that time, rulers of Egypt, because your day has passed! The cities of Egypt 15 will groan at that time, and no more will be heard the voice of buyer and seller in the markets of the cities of Egypt. They will collect dust. The inhabitants of Egypt will weep 9. They will desire death but death will flee from them. At that time 10 the king will command that every nursing woman be seized and be brought to him in fetters and that they suckle dragons and that their blood be sucked from their 15 breasts and made poisonous.

Because of the stress of wars which will take place, he will command that every boy, twelve years and under, be seized and be taught to shoot arrows. Straightway the lawless one will make his appearance in the holy places, at that time. The Persian kings 20 will withdraw at that time. They will spend three years there, until they have removed the wealth in that place. The river of Egypt will turn into blood so that no one can drink from it for three days. Woe to Egypt and to those in Egypt!

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He will hasten to Memphis in the sixth year of the kings of the Persians. He will lay an ambush in Memphis. He will kill the Assyrian kings. The Persians 15 will take vengeance on the land.

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He will command that all the heathen and lawless be killed. He will command that the pagan temples be plundered and their priests be annihilated. He will command that the holy places of the saints be rebuilt. He will give double gifts 20 to the house of God. Has sent us, that the land might not be devastated. The land will be full of prosperity and great plenty.

Do not believe him. But when the Christ comes, he comes in the manner of a befy of doves with his crown of doves encircling him, as he walks 15 on the vaults of heaven, with the sign of the cross preceding him, while the whole world sees him like the sun which shines from east to west. This is the way in which 20 the Christ comes, with all his angels surrounding him. The lawless one, however, He will make the deaf hear.

He will make the dumb speak. He will make the blind see. Lepers he will 10 heal. The sick he will cure. The demon-possessed he will exorcize. He will do the things which the Christ did, 15 with the sole exception of raising the dead. By this you will know that he is the lawless one: he has no power to give souls.

Now his signs I will tell you in order that you may recognize him. His eyelids extend to his ears. He has leprosy on his hands. He will change himself before you. At one time he will be an old man; at another, 5 he will be a young child. He will change himself with every sign, but the aspect of his head he will not be able to change.

The Apocalypse of Elijah: Based on P. Chester Beatty 2018. Coptic text edited and translated

By this you will know that he is the lawless one. The young woman whose name is Tabitha 10 will hear that the shameless on has made his appearance in the holy places. He will pursue her to the region of the setting sun.

He will 20 suck her blood in the evening and toss her onto The temple, and she will become salvation for the people. You became and enemy of heavenly beings, now you have acted against those on earth as well.

You became and enemy 15 of angels and powers. You are an enemy for all time. You fell from heaven like the morning stars.

You have changed. Your substance? Are you not now ashamed, you who hurl yourself against 20 God?

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You are the devil. Against them in the market place of the great city. He will spend seven days fighting with them and kill them. For three and a half days they will lie dead in 5 the market place in full view of all the people. The whole city will surround them. At The lawless one will not prevail against them. He will become angry with the land and 5 try to sin against the people.