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The realm functions as a minor city-state administered from Rary's tower in the Brass Hills. Rary maintains his power with the assistance of Robilar , a powerful warrior who serves as commander of Rary's forces in the Empire. The state's coat of arms is blazoned thus: Gules, a gauntlet proper gripping a crescent or; on a chief azure three mullets argent. The modern County of Ulek is generally located in the southwestern portion of the Flanaess, and is considered part of the Sheldomar Valley region. It is bordered by the Lortmil Mountains to the north and east, by the Old River to the east and south, and by the Kewl River to the West.

As of CY, the most populous towns are Jurnre pop.

The Empire of Iuz is an empire ruled by the demigod Iuz. The Empire of Iuz is classified by the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer as an " imperial theocratic dictatorship. Iuz's priesthood and other spellcasters manage the affairs of the empire in his name. Iuz and his servants have more control over some regions of the empire than others.

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The Empire of Iuz consists of five loosely-defined political regions, though they are not considered actual provinces. This region is actually made up of a number of warlord fiefs. Their western border is formed by the Cold Marshes and Opicim River. Once ruled by the nomadic Flan tribes known as the Rovers of the Barrens , these people are but a shadow of their former glory.

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These lands were for a time ruled by the Horned Society , before Iuz once again took control during the Greyhawk Wars. Though a western portion of the Shield Lands were reclaimed in the Great Northern Crusade of , the majority of the area is still under Iuz's control. Ferrond most often refers to the former Great Kingdom province known as the Viceroyalty of Ferrond, or the general region where its successor states now lie.

The Viceroyalty of Ferrond was a vassal state of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy , ruled by a viceroy in the name of the Overking.

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The capital of the Viceroyalty was the city of Dyvers. The land gets its name from the vast sheet of blue-black ice that covers it as far as the eye can see. The only humans living near the area are the Baklunish Guryik folk on the Drawmidj coast, and the Suloise Zeai, or Sea Barbarians, who dwell on a section of Icy Sea coastline known as the Tusking Strand.

Within the Land of Black Ice proper are said to dwell all manner of horrid arctic monsters, so few humans enter the region. Tales are told of wights , frost men, evil spirits, black-skinned trolls , and blue-furred bugbears inhabiting the wasteland. Those few who have entered the city and escaped alive, among them Mordenkainen and Sir Robilar , tell tales of an artificially warm city of tall iron buildings, powerful magic, and strange automatons.

Legends tell of another region beyond the ice, a land of lush jungles and an unmoving sun. Such legends give some reason to believe that the Oerth is hollow , containing another world within the inside of the globe, to which entry is gained via great openings in the poles. Nyrond , or more properly the Kingdom of Nyrond , refers to one of the largest good-aligned states in the Flanaess. Weakened by warfare against the likes of Ferrond , Perrenland , and Tenh , the scions of House Rax nonetheless amassed a large retribution-minded army to teach the upstart "kingdom" a lesson.

At this moment, a coalition of Fruztii , Schnai and mercenary barbarians invaded North Province , distracting the Overking's army and allowing Nyrond critical time to entrench and train its military to repulse Aerdy military actions. For the next two centuries relations between the two states varied from open war to preparing for war.

Thereafter the Great Kingdom fell apart in magical disaster and civil war. Nyrond was in nearly as bad shape. Sewarndt's coup was thwarted by his older brother, Crown Prince Lynwerd , who took the throne after Archbold abdicated in Fireseek of CY, possibly the most popular decision of his time as ruler.

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Under Lynwerd, Nyrond has been slowly recovering, though times are good only by comparison to Archbold times. Nyrond's coat of arms is blazoned thus: Quarterly; 1st and 4th, ermine; 2nd and 3rd, gules, a sun radiated or. In the Living Greyhawk campaign, the following events took place in Nyrond: In early CY another major revolt was successfully led by Sewarndt. He captured the capital city with the assistance of supernatural allies, and in the course of the assault he committed patricide.

In autumn CY, several campaigns around the country, led by Lynwerd's supporters and loyal nobles, succeeded in recapturing nearly all major provinces and cities. The reconquest ended in Sewarndt's death at the hands of his brother at the very gates of the Royal Palace in Rel Mord. Their daughter and heir was born in CY.

The Plains of the Paynims, also known as the Paynims , is a political state and may also refer to the tribes of nomadic horsemen who live there. The plains are situated in the Baklunish Basin region of the Flanaess, west of Ket and south of Zeif. The native folk are Baklunish with mixed racial characteristics absorbed from subjugated travelers or settled merchants.

There is no central authority; the government consists mainly of tribal khans and amirs ruled by progressively more powerful nobles orakhans, ilkhans, or shahs and royalty padishahs, tarkhans, or kha-khans. There is great variation in governments between nomadic tribes.

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The coat of arms is blazoned thus: Gules, a scimitar per bend sinister or, in dexter chief a cross moline in saltire of the last. The Rovers of the Barrens , also known as the Barrens , and properly known as Arapahi translated as "People of the Plentiful Huntinglands" , is a political state of the Flanaess.

The name also applies to the tribes of nomadic horsemen who dwell within these lands. The Scarlet Brotherhood most often refers to the Great and Hidden Empire of the Scarlet Brotherhood, a nation located on the Tilvanot Peninsula in the southeastern Flanaess, though it can also refer to the secretive organization which rules that land. The Sheldomar Valley refers to the large swath of fertile land in southwestern Flanaess, bordered by the Barrier Peaks to the north, Crystalmists and Hellfurnaces to the west, Azure Sea to the south and the Lortmils to the east.

The valley is named after the Sheldomar River, which runs through a good portion of its length. A number of nations make up the Sheldomar Valley, the largest being the Kingdom of Keoland. The Sheldomar Valley was mentioned by [8]. Sterich, properly known as the March of Sterich, is a political state generally located in the southwestern portion of the Flanaess. It lies in a broad basin formed by the Stark Mounds to the north and northwest, by the Crystalmist Mountains to the west, and by the Jotens to the south.

It is separated from the Kingdom of Keoland by the Javan River. Sterich is currently ruled by Marquess Resbin Dren Emondav, a lawful neutral female human. The national capital is Istivin.

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The native folk of Sterich show strong Flan racial characteristics, tempered by Suel and Oeridian influences. Sterich's coat of arms is blazoned thus: Per fess dancetty gules and sable a lion rampant counterchanged. Sulm refers to an ancient Flan kingdom which once occupied much of the Bright Desert , in the days when it was a fertile land. The ancestors of the Sulmi were nomads who lived in the grasslands where the Bright Desert lies today, living in harmony with the land and worshipping spirits of earth and air. Like most of the nomads in the region, they slowly became more sophisticated under the influence of the demigod Vathris.

The Kingdom of Sulm came to prominence circa CY after it was bolstered by the necromantic adepts of Caerdiralor, who taught them dark secrets and promised wealth and glory in exchange for the favor of the Sulmi royal house. Throughout its history, the kingdom spent much of its time crushing its neighbors, the rival kingdoms of Durha, Itar, Ronhass, Rhugha, and Truun. Only the Kingdom of Itar was strong enough to stand against Sulm, though it, too, would eventually fall. After centuries of expansion, Sulm began its slow decline circa CY, some say due to the influence of Nerull and other dark powers.

Kyuss was a powerful priest of Nerull during Sulm's imperial age, shortly before its destruction. He was exiled for his profane experiments on undead in the sacred mortuary city of Unaagh, and traveled with hundreds of followers to the Amedio Jungle. In circa CY the Kingdom of Sulm fell, destroyed by its last king.

The king, Shattados, used the power of a dark artifact known as the Scorpion Crown in an attempt to gain perpetual dominion over his subjects. Instead, the crown turned Shattados into a gigantic scorpion and his people into manscorpions and possibly dune stalkers. A few became asheratis instead due to the grace of Geshtai.