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Safe Haven Letter Hmong.

Safe Haven School District – About Us – Castro Valley Unified School District

Safe Haven Letter Arabic. Two years ago the Board of Trustees adopted Resolution No. Twin Rivers serves approximately 25, students that are as diverse as many communities in our nation, and I want to assure you that our staff works tirelessly to maintain a positive climate on every campus—an inclusive learning environment for all students.

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Our country is the land of opportunity. Like our nation and state, opportunity is also the driving force in Twin Rivers. We are committed to the success of every student and providing opportunities for every child so that we, in turn,. As educators, we will continue to strive to provide extraordinary opportunities for your child to be college and career ready.

We ask for your ongoing support in your child's education by making sure they are in school every day, on time and ready to learn. He cannot even think of the many who have arrived more recently with families escaping drought and famine in the south of Somalia.

But the massive influx of children all at once in recent months means tens of thousands may miss out on the new school year starting in September if immediate action is not taken. Without a functioning Ministry of Education in most of the south, schools are dependent on the commitment of Community Education Committees — made up of local elders, parents and teachers — to keep schools operational. Almost 2.

School Shootings, No Simple Answers

But if we activate our emergency response, we can make a huge difference. As part of that response, the inter-agency education cluster in Somalia, co-led by UNICEF and Save the Children, assessed conditions at community schools, displacement camp schools and private schools. The findings indicate that school feeding programmes, learning materials, teacher incentives and additional learning spaces are needed to ensure that children have access to educational opportunities — many of them for the first time. Education-cluster partners are scaling up emergency education activities to meet the needs identified in the assessment.

Support is urgently needed to establish temporary learning spaces in displacement camp sites and host communities — and to provide water and sanitation facilities, school kits with essential education and recreation supplies for , children, and incentives for 5, teachers.

Plans are also under way to provide food rations through schools, which will benefit students and their families, and provide an incentive for children to stay in school or enrol for the first time. I would like to have whatever help we could get.

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In Kenya, school offers meals and shelter with video. Measles infection rates on the decline after successful vaccination campaign in Somalia with video.