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The premise of the book however, is that teams are the key to success in our performance-driven world and there is much that can be done within organisations to improve the performance and effectiveness of those teams.

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Through their research, Katzenback and Smith identified four stages of team development:. Pseudo team — a collection of individuals for whom there could be significant performance benefits derived from working together, but who have not focused on collective performance and are not really trying to achieve it. Potential team — a collection of individuals for whom there is a clear benefit to be derived from working as a team but who may lack clarity about their common purpose or goals.

Real team — a small number of people with complementary skills who are jointly committed to a common purpose, goals, and working approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. Katzenbach and Smith found that they could also plot the progression of these various groups on a performance curve which measures team effectiveness against the performance impact of the team.

This is because people within Working Groups are able to get on with their work individually and have little or no need to work together. People in Pseudo Teams, on the other hand, have a need to work collaboratively, but have not yet got their act together.

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They are made up of people who probably see the advantage in working together but somehow never quite get round to it. Permanent Record Edward Snowden Inbunden. Inbunden Engelska, Spara som favorit. Laddas ned direkt.

The definitive classic on high-performance teams The Wisdom of Teams is the definitive work on how to create high-performance teams in any organization. Having sold nearly a half million copies and been translated into more than fifteen languages, the authors' clarion call that teams should be the basic unit of organization for most businesses has permanently shaped the way companies reach the highest levels of performance. Using engaging case studies and testimonials from both successful and failed teams--ranging from Fortune companies to the U.

At 3M, teams are critical to meeting the company's goal of producing half of each year's revenues from the previous five years' innovations. Kodak's Zebra Team proved the worth of black-and-white film manufacturing in a world where color is king. But many companies overtook the potential of teams in turning around tagging profits, entering new markets, and making exciting innovations happen -- because they don't know how to utilize teams successfully. Authors Jon R. Katzenbach and Douglas K.

The Wisdom of Teams

Smith talked with hundreds of people in more than thirty companies to find out where and how teams work best and how to enhance their effectiveness. They reveal: The most important element in team success Who excels at team leadership Jon R. The importance of teams has become a cliche of modern business theory, but few have a clear idea of what it means. In this new edition of their best-selling primer, Katzenbach and Smith try to impart some analytical rigor to the concept.

Drawing on their experience as management consultants and a plethora of case studies at companies like Burlington Northern and Motorola, they cover such topics as the optimal size of teams, coping with turnover in team personnel and nurturing "extraordinary teams" rather than "pseudo-teams. Some of the authors' recommendations are reasonably precise and practical, but too many are nebulous truisms "keep the purpose, goals, and approach relevant and meaningful" or weighed down by turgid consultant-ese "integrating the performance goals of formal, structural units as well as special ad hoc group efforts becomes a significant process design challenge".

The case studies are better written, but it's not clear that these inspiring anecdotes of team triumph add up to a systematic doctrine. The book leaves the impression that teams ultimately just have to learn by doing.

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